Posture and Body Alignment

What does a chiropractor do for posture and body alignment?

Good posture and alignment of the body is important and aids in keeping the intricate structures in the spine healthy. Many see good posture and alignment of body as just a cosmetic benefit but it also contributes to reducing the incidence and levels of back, neck and shoulder pain. Proper posture and body alignment can benefit all types of individuals, including those that spend many hours sitting in an office chair and/or standing throughout the day.

When you don’t maintain good posture and alignment of your body, there will be significantly more strain and stress on the spine. As time progresses, this stress and strain can change the anatomical characteristics of the spine. When this happens, it can constrict blood vessels and nerves, as well as cause problems with joints, discs and muscles. All of these can be a major contributor to back, neck and shoulder pain. Some individuals may even experience headaches, fatigue, and possibly other health concerns.

In regards to your spine, your chiropractor can perform manipulation of the joints and release the tension in the muscles in order to allow it to move normally. This will allow you to better maintain good posture and body alignment. When the chiropractor determines that you are physically ready, he or she can also suggest a series of core strengthening exercises that will allow you to maintain the good posture and body alignment. This will play a significant role in avoiding any future neck, back, muscle tension headaches, and shoulder pain.

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